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Katie Schwab: Sample Book, edited by Clare Molloy, designed by Åbäke, copublished by Vleeshal and Dent-De-Leone
With texts by Ann Coxon, Roos Gortzak, Michiel Huijben, Rebecca Lewin, Clare Molloy, m. patchwork monoceros, Katie Schwab and Rosalie Sloof
photos: Gunnar Meier

The Seeing Hands
Resource for The Seeing Hands, Collective Edinburgh, 2022
Designed by Maeve Redmond


Limited edition publication for commuters, 2019
Newsprint, 15 x 20". Edition of 100
NYC Subway
Published by Liam Allan



A Portable Mural
Architecture Family Pack, Serpentine Galleries 2017
This pack was developed in collaboration with Year 3 Students at Gateway Academy, North Westminster; friends and designers Sarah Johnson and Maeve Redmond and the Serpentine Galleries Education team. Designed by Cameron Leadbetter

Indigo Mats made with Sarah Johnson
(photos: Manuela Barczewski/ Sarah Johnson)


Satellites Programme 2016 Publication
Edited by Anastasia Philimonos and Katie Schwab, designed by Maeve Redmond
With uniquely produced works by Jennifer Bailey, Mark Bleakley, Anastasia Philimonos, Katie Schwab and Hamish Young

Collective, Edinburgh, 2016

Bottom Bunk by Rosanna Mclaughlin
Commissioned to accompany Making the Bed, Laying the Table, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 2016
Designed by Simon Worthington

Text to accompany Together in a Room, Collective, Edinburgh, 2016

Reach Out and Touch Someone

a text on the work of Sophie Grant, Alexis L-Grisé and Jenna Westra
Published by The Artist's Institute and Hunter College, NYC
Designed by John Morgan Studio, London, 2014-15

T is for Tuttle, T is for Turner Prize, T is for Late Turner

Activities by Katie Schwab and Monica Rivas Velasquez in collaboration with Schools and Teachers, Tate London Learning, 2014


The Palace of Green Porcelain
Texts and images by Rebecca Lewin, Dan Scott and Katie Schwab
Published to accompany The Palace of Green Porcelain, Breese Little, London, 2013
Designed by Dan Scott

My (We)
Katie Schwab & Jamie George
Published to accompany My (We), Jerwood Visual Arts Project Space, London, 2012
Designed by Helios Capdevila